New York Chapter
Launch Party

A complimentary event hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Automation Innovation Conferences Reinvented

As the RPA market evolves and the focus shifts from starters to scalers and leveraging AI, our members have shared their desire for more frequent, local, intimate and interactive forums to network with and learn from their peers who are on similar journeys.
Based on this feedback and in order to provide the best value to our members, we announced earlier this year that IRPA AI is replacing its long-running Automation Innovation Conference, the first and longest-running industry-neutral RPA conference, with regional Member Summits and local Chapters.
The move, intended to draw industry leaders closer, provide more hands-on assistance and help drive the industry forward, shifts the mission from large broader conferences in an industry now full of big trade shows, to invite-only workshop-style user groups that connect industry leaders to share experiences and drive innovation to the next level.
“We’ve announced local summits and the formation of several US City Chapters, to expand upon the success of international Country Chapters which were launched globally over the past year,” said Daniel Goodstein, President of Media & Events.  “Based on feedback from several of our advisory boards & hundreds of members, it’s become clear to us that the real value of these gatherings is less about a trade show atmosphere, but rather in buyers having a forum for ongoing dialogue with each other about the specifics of how they’re leveraging RPA, scaling, using specific business cases and finding the right combinations of solutions."

For those of you used to attending our annual Automation Innovation Conference each year, we invite you to join us for our New York Chapter launch party on November 7th. It’ll be a PowerPoint-free, social networking reception for all those who want to get involved in the New York chapter and an opportunity to plan and discuss the mission and future programs for the group. 
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New York Chapter
Launch Party

November 7, 2019

5:15 PM

25 West 39th Street
Floor 14
New York, NY 


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