Orchestrating Digital Technologies
to Drive Transformation

An insight into how RPA augmented with AI
is transforming mortgage companies

A complimentary webinar hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Sponsored by Sutherland

In today’s rapidly evolving, customer driven landscape, mortgage executives need to please increasingly demanding and tech-savvy customers, and reduce the cost of operations. The mortgage loan process, however, continues to be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor for mortgage companies, which are facing not only the challenges of meeting escalating regulatory requirements, but also heightened consumer expectations for a quick, painless process. Analysts estimate that beyond economic factors or existing relationships, the most important factor in lender selection is the speed of the process.

The only way mortgage companies can meet this need for speed while still being compliant and cost optimized is to deploy digital technology solutions that enable their human employees to be as efficient as possible. And to provide real value, this technology must go beyond linear automation through Robotic Process Automation to perform complex tasks in a way that reproduces human decision making: it requires the application of integrated and coordinated augmented intelligence to the mortgage process.

Please join Kim Hoffman , COO, Envoy Mortgage and Doug Gilbert, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Sutherland – as they discuss how the mortgage industry is being transformed through integrated augmented intelligence- Robotic Process Automation augmented with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics; and applied with deep insights into the mortgage industry.

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July 24, 2019

12:00 noon EDT
11:00 AM CDT
9:00 AM PDT
4:00 PM UTC

Presented By

Daniel Goodstein
President, Media and Events

Doug Gilbert
Chief Digital Officer and CIO

Kim Hoffman
Envoy Mortgage


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