Building a Business-Case for Customer Service Automation: A Deep-Dive into Robotic Process Automation for the Contact Center

A complimentary webinar hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

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The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) landscape is saturated with vendors that provide unattended automation in back-office environments. In customer service, automation is key in reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency but only if the technology works in tandem with the human counterpart to tackle with empathy and care increasingly complex customer interactions.

Automation with a human touch is where Customer Service RPA stands apart in the saturated RPA market. Customer Service RPA is the use of real-time, attended and unattended RPA to enable end-to-end customer service automation for both customer self-service and agent-assisted service interactions. It is this unique hybrid of robot and human automation that can fully support customer service complexities, amplify agent productivity and increase operational efficiency. In fact, reported results include reduction of 30% in Average Handling Time (AHT) and savings of more than $20M in operational costs.

Join us as we find out how organizations are using end to end customer service automation to transform agent desktop environments, eliminate multichannel friction and provide seamless customer interactions, all while balancing automation and human relationships. 

Real case studies and results will be shared that quantify the business value of Customer Service RPA over traditional RPA technologies. Automation working side-by-side the agent to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, retrieve information from different system, and provide real-time process guidance. 

Automation invoked from within the agent’s desktop as needed to drive efficiency and speed into the interaction. Automation free from product and system complexity to allow the agent to focus on the customer and provide deeper, more meaningful engagements. Automation that expands self-service from responding to questions to completing customer requests, and if requested, providing a seamless connection and contextual handoff to a live agent without having to repeat information or rekey data. 

Key Discussion Points: 
  • Key features differentiating end-to-end customer service automation from its traditional back-office RPA counterparts
  • The interplay between intelligent assistance, automation and human interaction in your RPA strategy ROI and real word use cases
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March 13, 2019

12:00 Noon EDT
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Rich Garrett
Director, Solutions Consulting

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IRPA AI and The Outsourcing Institute

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